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  • #EDUtalk Badges
    Recently we have had quite a few guests on Radio EDUtalk who have talked about or been interested in open badges 1 . As I've blogged about before I am not completely sold
  • Show Your Badges
    I've blogged a fair bit about badges but still am conflicted about their value in the classroom. Perhaps because I've not used them in anger. Doug Belshaw when talking at
  • Glow Changes: Glow to Glow 1.365 to GlowPlus
    This way. Or maybe this way. Wait. No. This way. by Stéfan Attribution-ShareAlike License I tweeted back to Iain Hallahan this morning about Open Badges and an interesting
  • Badges, Badges, Badges
    I've been keeping half an eye on the Mozilla Open Badges project, mostly through the blog of Doug Belshaw. I've also being looking at some of the Mozilla Webmaker tools on
  • Enviable Stuff 2012-08-26
    Classroom ideas I want all the children I teach to develop a love of learning, not for ticks, badges or scores, but for the buzz of learning. from: Robert Drummond » Blog
  • Badges, Comments
    Badges, surely, are a way of recognising achievement. They don't solve any problems, nor explain anything. What they do do is allow an alternative way of enabling people
  • P2PU (beta) | Open Badges and assessment
    Investigating new ways to credentialize learning With the upcoming release of Mozilla's Open Badges framework this group is an opportunity for educators and interested par

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